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Student Practicum Program

At Flora Psychotherapy our goal is to not only provide an excellent level of professional support to those seeking it, but also to help improve the mental health practice by developing more effective and professionally prepared psychotherapists. 

Our fine-tuned student practicum program has been created to meet this goal by giving prospective professional psychotherapists the guidance they need in order to develop into the practitioners that the field, and the people seeking help, needs. 

The program is tailored to ensure all aspects of being a professional and successful psychotherapist are addressed; capturing the clinical work, business management, marketing and networking.

In order to ensure the most valuable experience for our students we have limited availability. If the above interests you as a current student we encourage you to continue reading to learn more. 

The Program

Pot Plan Palm Student Practicum Application

Interview Process

Pot Plan Palm Student Practicum Hire


New Hire Student

Business Development

Clinical Development

Marketing Development


Pot Plan Palm Student Practicum Post

Post-Practicum Student

Intrviw Process

Interview Process

Interview Process

Devlopment Process

Interview Process

The interview process for chosen applicants involves two short stages. The first stage is a relaxed conversation to understand the applicant’s character, communication and social skills. As a team member at Flora Psychotherapy you embody comfort, trust and growth for those you help on their journey. This interview gives an opportunity to introduce applicants to their potential tied mentors, as well as provide an environment where applicants can ask questions on the program and the practice.

The second stage is a clinical, practical discussion directly with Flora. This is to give us an opportunity to understand your natural and preferred clinical approach. We understand, and encourage, uniqueness of each clinicians approach.

The two stages are intended to both take place within a week, and at the conclusion of the second stage interview you will be contacted within a week. 

Development Process

A new hire student at Flora Psychotherapy will be provided direct and involved mentorship from beginning to end of the practicum period. After onboarding the new hire will undergo targeted sessions on all major aspects of operating as a successful psychotherapist. This spans from business management education and marketing education to mentorship and partnered supervision. 

A student becomes a crucial and valuable member of the Flora Psychotherapy team. Through the program we will grow with each other. Direct contact with your mentors will allow for unique and personal development, with our joint goal of making you ready to be an effective professional in the field. 

As a member of the Flora Psychotherapy team under the student practicum program there is an expectation of commitment on both sides. Your mentors will be committed to your development. This takes time and motivation. The benefits are exponential if the commitment is reflected from the student.


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Flora Psychotherapy team under the Student Practicum Program we encourage you to complete the below information for our review and consideration. After received we will make every effort to reach out within one week.

Upload File

Thank you for applying to the Student Practicum Program. We will be in touch with you shortly after reviewing your application.

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